The Battle of Blenheim is not yet over!

We are receiving reports of door to door canvassers trying to get support for the 18 storey tower block which is proposed to replace Wilkos, etc, and a number of supporting comments have been uploaded to Bromley planning portal.

Objections, in the meanwhile, have more or less ground to a halt, which may mean that planning councillors can say that there is considerable support for the scheme, which, as we know, there isn’t!

To counter this, please register an objection! This guide tells you how to do it in less than 5 minutes! It doesn’t have to be too technical- this is more about increasing the number of opposing comments.

Here are some of the reasons people have given for objecting so far;

  • The towers are too tall, and out of keeping with the local area.
  • The scheme will damage the local conservation area.
  • The retail offering is inadequate – and we don’t want to lose our current shops. Everyone likes Iceland, Peacocks, Wilkos, etc and we don’t want them to disappear.
  • Some neighbouring buildings will experience a significant loss of daylight..
  • The local infrastructure won’t cope.
  • Public transport is not as good as the GLA say it is, and as a result, it won’t be able to cope with 750+ new residents.
  • The building could cause subsidence locally.
  • The water, gas and electricity systems won’t be able to cope with the new buildings.
  • The proposed ‘pocket park’ is inadequate, and much of the land is not part of the site, anyway – eg Empire Square.
  • Only 36 homes will be let at an affordable rent. The remainder of ‘affordable’ homes are being provisioned using the completely unaffordable ‘shared ownership’ scheme.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE choose some of the above, or your own reasons and register an objection. To be credible, we really need to get to at least 1000, and we only have around 830 at the moment.

Registering an objection only takes 5 minutes – and could really make a difference. Your help appreciated!

Bromley Portal link here: (Frequently down – keep trying if you get a page not found).

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