Hadley Property Group’s plans for a 16 storey tower block, and a massive housing development, which will cause significant damage to the well preserved Victorian Penge High Street, and possibly be unsafe in the event of a fire (another Grenfell?) were recommended for approval by Bromley’s Planning Department and rubber stamped by the Development Control Committee in a process which brings the entire council into disrepute.

It was acknowledged by both the committee and the planning department that the plans contravene most planning guidelines regarding tall buildings, heritage and townscape issues and could be unsafe in the event of a fire, but that the need for housing overrides all other considerations, which clearly defies all logic.

The approval is, however, subject to approval by the GLA, and it may be possible to get it overturned. The GLA need to consider objections in exactly the same way that Bromley did – and most of the same grounds apply – height, massing, damage to listed buildings and conservation areas, etc. (Link to GLA portal here.) Please register your objection!

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