Hadley PG through their agents, Rolfe Judd have resubmitted their plans for the Blenheim Centre, after making alterations following criticism of the previous plans by the London Fire Brigade.

There has been a slight reduction in the height of the 18 storey block from 65m to 59m, and the number of homes has been reduced to 230. RJ and Hadley say that this will make the buildings aesthetically pleasing and an asset to the neighbourhood!

To view the latest documents, drawings and computer generated images on Bromley’s planning portal, click here.

Note: If you have already submitted an objection based on the height of the building, please MAKE SURE IT”S STILL VALID! Please put in another objection with wording similar to that below:

I regard the revised application as an inadequate response to local criticisms of the
original application.
In particular, the reduction in the height of Block C, from 18 storeys to 16 storeys, is not
My objection to the original application was based on the damage to Penge High Street by the
construction of a disproportionately tall building completely out of character with the local area.
This objection is as valid for a 16-storey block approximately 200 feet in height, as it is for an 18-
storey block. It would ruin the High Street and dwarf such local treasures as the Watermen’s
Almshouses and St. John’s Church.
I formally object to the revised application.

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