Next steps – GLA Referral – Object NOW!

The Hadley / Blenheim planning approval by Bromley Council (in questionable circumstances) is not the end of the process. It is still possible to STOP THE TOWER BLOCKS, but we need to act quickly!
Here’s what we need to do:
  1. Visit the GLA planning portal and register so that you can be kept updated. You can also add an objection, until 08/04/24 – the site is still accepting comments.

    NOTE: If you mention that a) the social housing is totally inadequate and b) The rabbit hutch, noisy and unpleasent homes Hadley plan to build will do nothing to alleviate the housing shortage, as they are almost certain to be purchased as investments, and turned into ‘Air BNBs’ or left vacant, that will have an effect – The GLA wants decent homes not high-rise slums! More here: GLA objections -a quick guide

  2. Write, expressing your concerns, to the Mayor of London, Peter Fortune, Penge’s GLA Member and Zeb McInnes, GLA planning officer, either by post or email. If we can get 1000 emails sent, this will at least draw their attention to this issue. If enough people do this, with valid objections, the application will be called in and there will be another public meeting at which the community can voice their concerns. Quote the planning reference: 23/00178/FULL1Email:, and

NOTE: It’s probably safest to object on the portal AND email to make sure your objection is registered.

Useful links and additional information: