Save our High Street!

The Hadley Property Group has been granted planning permission by Bromley Council to demolish the Blenheim Centre in Penge and replace it with a massive, super dense housing development which includes a 16 storey tower block.

The process by which the application was approved (by Bromley’s Development Control Committe on 5 March 2024) was questionable, unfair and defies all logic. In particular, objections by the London Fire Brigade who stated, in effect, that the proposed tower blocks are likely to be inherently unsafe, were ignored, and there were significant breaches of protocol during the meeting, with the applicant being allowed to bring a whole team of people to speak. The plans were approved despite over 1200 objections being made.

All is not lost, however: The plans still need to be approved by the GLA. This is normally a rubber stamping exercise, but it is possible to overturn Bromley’s decision, if it can be shown to be grossly inappropriate, a contravention of various aspects of the London Plan, and an abuse of process.

Click here for information on what to do next.

We need to take action NOW: The introduction of one tower block estate could lead to more being built – Penge could easily become another Croydon style hell hole. As an example, we have heard reports, which have not been officially confirmed, that plans are afoot to compulsorily purchase the entire estate behind the Blenheim Centre and replace it with 8 35 storey tower blocks. (Note: No Hadley involvement.) There is also a possibility that the Ametek site in Oakfield Road may be demolished and replaced with 2 40 storey tower blocks.

If we do nothing, our high street could soon look like this:.

And eventually this: