5 Minute Objections

If you don’t have time to read everything but still want to object, follow these steps

The whole process will take less than 5 minute

Step 1 (Optional) Have a look at the planning documents. Instructions on how to download them here.

Step 2 (Optional) have a look the objections already on the site for ideas and formulate your reasons to object, but if you don’t have time, skip this step and just use any or the reasons outlined below.

Step 3 (Essential) Email your objection to mayor@london.gov.uk and peter.fortune@london.gov.uk.

Valid reasons to object:
  1. The proposed development will damage the Penge Conservation area and is a clear breach of Policy 42 of the Bromley Local Plan. See also sections 6.6, 6.10, 6.12, 6.16, 6.22, 6.24, 6.26, 6.28, and 6.30 of the TVIA and Section 5 of the TVIA Addendum as submitted on the 19 December 2023. (Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment.)
  2. The retail offering is totally inadequate.
  3. Neighbouring buildings will lose a significant amount of daylight – according to Hadley’s own Daylight and Sunlight Assessment. Their report concludes that there will be significant loss of light in surrounding buildings, but the scheme is so wonderful that Bromley should overlook this issue, which is a ridiculous assertion.
  4. The proposed ‘pocket park’ is inadequate and much of the land is not owned by Hadley anyway – they are just doing a small amount of landscaping.
  5. The water, gas and electricity infrastructure is inadequate and will not be able to cope with the new building.
  6. The transport assessment is out of date – it refers to journey times to central London which are no longer possible – the provision of only 24 parking spaces is based on an erroneous PTAL assessment.
  7. The building could cause subsidence and damage to surrounding buildings.
  8. The development may result in increased crime: The creation of new routes from the High Street to the Blenheim Arpley Estate will provide an easy means of escape for muggers. In addition, there will be more unpoliced open areas for antisocial behaviour to take place – drinking, etc. The assertion that somehow having more people living in the area will prevent this is totally riduculous.
  9. The density of building will be an overbearing, overdevelopment of the site.
  10. The proposed building is too tall, and out of keeping with the local area. See London Plan Policy D9.
  11. This proposal will NOT result in the regeneration of the High Street – which will remain unaffected. The only part of the High Street which will change is the Blenheim Centre. So, if you think the High Street needs a face lift, you are probably right, but this plan won’t do anything to fix that issue. Colman House, the nail bars and fast food outlets will continue as before, except that many businesses won’t survive the construction period, so you can expect plenty of boarded up shops and an accelerated decline.
  12. The provision of affordable housing is laughable. In effect, there will be 36 homes available to rent. The rest of the ‘affordable’ housing provision will be unaffordable shared ownership, where ‘purchasers’ pay 100% of the service charges and, eventually, the full asking price for the property. The service and maintenance charges are unlikely to be ‘affordable’ by ordinary working families.