Hadley Company Information

About Hadley Property Group

  • Privately owned
  • Major shareholders include a Hong Kong based investment group known as the Peterson Group
  • Registered office: 4th Floor, Shand House, 14-20 Shand Street London SE1 2ES
  • Specialise in large scale housing projects, most of which involve tower blocks in excess of 14 stories in height
  • Expert at getting planning permission, despite concerted local opposition
  • Runs slick PR campaigns and ‘consultations’ with local communities before submitting planning proposals.
  • Current accounts filed with Companies house show that their total assets were £208408, made up almost exclusively of debtors, with £234 in the bank. The accounts are unaudited.


Companies House shows the following directors:

  • Brian Daniel Higgins – Secretary
  • Jonathan Richard Elkington – Director
  • Brian Daniel Higgins – Director
  • Mark Robert Lebihan – Director
  • Andrew Clive Portlock – Director
  • Andrew Charles Williams – No status

The two main directors are Mark Lebihan and Andrew Portlock, both based at the Shand House address. Contact details here.

If you wish to comment on the Penge proposals, it is probably best to write to them.

To view examples of current projects, click here.

More about Clarion, Hadley’s social housing partner here: