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Hadley Property Group – Other projects being strongly opposed by local residents

Streatham Vale

Hadley are trying to force through a development which includes a 14 storey tower block against the wishes of the local community, destroying a Homebase store and car park and replacing it with a 14 storey tower block, after a ‘consultation’ process. Interestingly, the artist’s impressions and illustrations on their website don’t show the tower block at all.

The local community, however, are unimpressed: Lambeth Council’s website shows over 700 objections have been registered, but despite this, Hadley are still going ahead, subject to planning approval.

The satellite image below shows the green, suburban area where this development has been proposed.. The local station, Streatham Common, is already grossly overcrowded, and the 1000+ increase in population will add to the congestion.


Goodmayes High Road Ilford

A controversial development which local residents have been unable to prevent, despite appeals to the Mayor of London. Hadley’s vision is in stark contrast to the reality, which is an enormous high rise estate in a suburban area with mostly low rise buildings. The final appeals process for this development has now been exhausted, despite objections that the local station will not be able to cope, and there are not enough schools, doctor’s surgeries, etc.

More about Hadley – a private company, part owned by the Hong Kong based Peterson Group.