Register objection – Bromley Portal

The easiest and quickest way to register an objection to Hadley’s plans is on the Bromley Planning Portal.

Here’s how to do do it – it takes less than 5 minutes!

BEFORE YOU START: Please prepare your objection in a text or Word document – and be ready to paste it in to the site. If you compose it on the Bromley Portal, the connection may time out and your work will be lost!

Step 1: Browse to the planning application home page. (Click here – opens in a new tab) (Note – the site is often down and is very slow – be patient!) The home page looks like this:

Step 2: Click on Comments — > Make a comment

Paste in your comment in the box shown with an X.

All fields are mandatory. Note that there is no limit to the number of objections you can make, but try to make each one different.

This page contains ideas and examples of valid objections. Paste a few of them in to your objection and add your own if you have time.

Your objection will appear on the Bromley Portal, usually after a few hours.