Following our outreach sessions outside the Blenheim Shopping Centre and heroic flyering efforts by our dedicated team of local residents our online petition has achieved a total of over 2,000 signatures! We also have a further 90 paper signatures. This is an impressive achievement and shows the depth and breadth of local people’s opposition to current development plans.

The feedback we have received indicates so far that the vast majority of people don’t know that there are plans for an 18 storey tower block on the High Street and that our familiar big shops (Wilko, Iceland and Peacocks) will close and may never return. While a small minority supported the scheme as it stands, the overwhelming feeling is that it is out of place, out of character and out of proportion in Penge High Street, and people don’t want to lose their shops!

At our outreach sessions, we had a Lego model on display, showing the relative heights of the proposed tower blocks against existing low rise High Street. This proved to be a particularly effective visual tool in communicating the scale of the plans.

If you still haven’t signed, here’s the link: CLICK HERE . NOTE: change dot org sometimes asks for donations – nothing to do with us – it’s for their running costs. PLEASE DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY

4 thought on “Online petition has more than 2,000 signatures”
  1. I must say that whilst I’m not fully in favour of the proposals as they stand, Penge high street and the Blenheim Centre can hardly be called either desirable or attractive, more a deteriorating, concrete monstrosity. So, I would support development

  2. I shop at Iceland & the other shops in Penge & they are in walking distance of where I live.
    If the Flats are built which I understand are needed there will be less choice for us to use.
    I have Arthritis in the knee and need shops within walking distance from my home.

  3. I am horrified at this proposal; its the last thing lovely Penge needs!
    Iceland, Wilco and Peacocks are important to Penge!
    Please tell me how to sign the petition

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