Hadley held an online consultation meeting today – 24/09/22 at 9am- which was poorly attended and held at short notice – as part of their community consultation. However, they were at least open and reasonably honest about their proposals, and gave away significant insights as to how the development will look.

Amongst other information, they told us that:

  1. The site will have 24 public parking spaces.
  2. The main entrance will be via Burham Close.
  3. The 18 storey tower block will be more or less above where Wilkinsons is currently situated.
  4. The amount of retail space will be approximately half what it is now: 2000 instead of 4000 square metres.
  5. They will not provide additional facilities for residents. They will be required to pay into a community fund, but there is no guarantee that Bromley Council will spend the money locally.
  6. They are ‘talking to’ train companies about additional train services for the increased population, which obviously means nothing.

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