Stop the blocks

If nothing is done, this proposal will be agreed in the next 6 months, and the nightmare will begin.

If you don’t want Hadley to win, we need to take action as a community NOW. Here’s how:

1. Spread the word!

Join these Facebook groups and let everyone know what’s happening:

Also, if you have a community WhatsApp group, send them a link to this website and let them know.

If you have a printer, download one of our posters and put it in your window! There are two to choose from – you decide which one you like:

Tell your neighbours and friends. Although Hadley have put out a fair amount of publicity, many people don’t know exactly what’s planned – in particular, the fact that the plans include an 18 storey tower block.

2. Email all Bromley Councillors

We vote for these people – let them know that you are concerned and ask them to consider your interests when making decisions regarding the proposal.

This list can be copied and pasted into the ‘To’ field so you can message all of them at once. They need to be aware of your views and they will take this feedback directly to the developer.

3. Sign our petition

Sign our petition – that way, we can keep you informed as to when the planning application has been lodged.

4. Formally object

Be ready to formally object as soon as the application is made. When this happens, we will read all the documentation and advise you of the grounds for a valid objection.

Note: There is no point in writing to Ellie Reeves, our local MP as she has no jurisdiction regarding local planning.

5. Contact Hadley for more information

My experience of Hadley is that they are fairly approachable and if you have questions regarding the development, their publicity contact Mabel Ogundayo: may be able to assist.

Here are some other suggestions:
  1. We urgently need help from individuals with expertise in planning law. If you are that person OR you know someone who is willing to help, please contact us HERE.
  2. We need YOU! We need your views, your backing, your voice, your involvement to make it clear to Hadley what WE WANT from this development, what is acceptable to us and what isn’t. Come to meetings, spread the word to neighbours about meetings, sign petitions, join our mailing list HERE.
  3. (Don’t bother to) Join Penge Forum. Local Penge councillors recommend all of us who want to work together to get our views desires and needs across to Hadley sign up to Penge Forum. This can operate as our formal community voice to the developer and other interested parties. Join Penge Forum here. (Update: At the moment Penge Forum is inactive,although it may be revived soon.)
  4. Help us publicise this website – post a link to us on social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  5. We need to spread the word to local businesses especially those trading on Penge High Street. If you run a local business, spread the word to other businesses. Hadley needs to take account of the existing pressures on local businesses and how they will be negatively impacted by issues including lack of parking (this is an issue that can be used as an objection in the planning process). Contact us if you are a local business owner and want to help contact us. (Update: Penge businesses think that the increased number of people will result in more £££, and some of them support the plans. Hence, contacting local businesses is a waste of time.)