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Voice your opposition to the destruction of our High Street before it’s too late!

IMPORTANT NOTE! Councils take no notice of petitions in planning applications, but if you sign we can let you know how to formally object to the planning application when it’s made.

Our petition has over 2,000 signatures – please help us to get to 2,500!


NOTE: The petition provider,, sometimes asks for money to promote the petition, but ignore their requests. In other words, PLEASE DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!

Wording below:


Hadley Property Group, in association with Clarion Housing and Bromley Council, plans to demolish the Blenheim Centre and replace it with an 18 storey residential tower block.

There will be almost NO parking and  reduced retail space.

The shops we have now could be lost forever.

There will be NO additional facilities, such as doctor’s surgeries, schools, etc, for the increased number of residents, in an area which is already struggling to cope.

SIGN THIS PETITION – Tell the developers the scheme as currently proposed is UNACCEPTABLE AND MUST BE REVISED!

The revised proposal needs to:

– Be NO MORE than four storeys

– RESPECT the local character and improve greening

– Provide TRULY affordable housing

– GUARANTEE the same parking and retail space that we have now