Here’s what Penge residents say about Hadley’s proposals:

The overriding theme is that the scale of the scheme is excessive, particularly the fact that there will be an 18 storey building in the middle of a low rise Victorian High Street. Lack of additional infrastructure and parking are also issues of concern.

To view objections left on the Bromley website, download this file which contains all the objections received so far.

Feedback left on the petition:

Linda skinner

My home town Penge will be a disaster if this happens

Lyn Turner

Penge is a community. The projected plans are designed to enrich Builders and whoever they have influenced to agree to this. Nothing about these plans will do anything except destroy the community spirit of Penge.

Helen Koo

I feel building a 18 storey tower in the middle of Penge High Street would make the area very congested and ugly

Paul Mawdesley
The site needs regeneration but:
18 storeys is probably twice as high as it should be. We allow this to be granted more like this will follow. Look at Lewisham and Croydon.
The green areas will quickly become unsightly and untidy without maintenance
Parking. Penge will have a serious parking issue which will impact the rest of the town centre if shoppers and 800-1000 new residents have virtually nowhere to park.
The loss of Wilkos
The impact on local schools and medical services at having 800-1000 new residents but no supporting infrastructure.

Jason Williams
I love penge

Judith Richards
I care about families living in high rise flats in Penge. We have had tower blocks before and they are not good living spaces. Build more houses!

Matt Michael
The redevelopment at 18 floors is too big and needs to be downsized because it is insensitive to the area’s character.

Dave Jones
The proposed buildings are far too large and would ruin our high street and surrounding areas, not to mention the strain on the infrastructure which is already over strained with parking, schools, NHS. etc.

Emma Carpenter
Until additional infrastructure is put in place (ie doctors surgery/schools etc/ parking) it will out too much strain on local amenities impacting many thousands of local residents

Deborah Roberts
I am concerned about the lack of adequate infrastructure for this development

Richard Carabine
This is over-development of the Penge area. I wonder if Bromley Council would accept this proposal for Chislehurst or Bickley? A shocking scheme with the developers making huge profits and not providing any facilities for the proposed new residents.

Jill Murphy
I am appalled by the destruction of communities by developers all over the Country

Cheryl McGowan
I have lived in Penge most of my life and it is finally stated to improve, with better shops and social venues.. This development will destroy the community which residents have worked hard to improve.

Stephen Bone
This proposal, in its current form, would be terrible for Penge

Sarah Collins
Lack of thought about the local economy that need businesses, retail and parking to survive. Lack jobs for people moving in, impact on community. There are better locations to build more homes than this, my guess is the council no longer want to pay for the upkeep of the centre.

Jim Boyd
The area doesnt need to get any rougher

Linda Crush
I object to such a tall eyesore. Totally goes against the Penge we want to live and shop in.

Emma Ralph
The redevelopment needs to be more in keeping with the area. A high rise block is not suitable.

matt donovan
The area is already overcrowded

Mythili Orton
Penge does need some new housing stock, but shoehorning this kind of sardine-tin accommodation into a very busy High Street is not the answer. Please can we involve the community to find a better solution for the site which further improves the amenities of the area?

Lauren Brown-acquaye
I dont want these In my high street. These high rise will increase crime, congestion and are just ugly

Dennis Baker
Because it’s a monstrous idea. the density of population is already too great. The accomodation will not go to those who need it but to speculators some of who don’t live in the UK. People need houses with gardens for children to play in.

Jackie Major
It’s a monstrosity.

Peter Wiseman
I use the Blenheim Centre regularly and wish to continue doing so. Penge is overcrowded without any more!

Kerry Bullen
This area can’t cope with the number of residents it has now and does not need more

Richard Perkins
Penge town centre needs investment for sure. And London needs more housing, especially if the affordable variety. But this proposal is out of all proportion with the culture of the town centre. It will dominate the sky line. And not in a good way.

Philip Rennie
The proposal is completely out of character for the area.

Sarah Beale
We need housing but we also need facilities

William Stacey
The oppressive scale and unsympathetic nature of the proposed development will, with the influx of new residents unsupported by any proportionate increases in medical, transport or other services, have a detrimental effect on the area and the lives of its existing residents and users.

Rebecca buckley
I live locally

Gerri Keniger
The development is badly thought out and unsuitable for a low level high street. The emphasis is on money making and fitting in as many occupants as possible whilst trying to downplay the potential of creating another characterless Lewisham. Bad design and parking… Read more

Sophia Cliffe
Not enough facilities as is.

Martin Rockport
This is not the housing scheme Penge needs. It’s way too tall and not in keeping with the existing street scene, it will be too densely populated and will negatively impact local business. A much, much smaller housing scheme with parking and provision for more amenities to better serve the high… Read more

stacey elreesh
Penge is my home town
And i dont want to lose the few shops and parking that we have. I also dont want to live in an over populated town where there are already not enough doctors, dentists, primary and secondary schools

Jessica Blake
Regeneration of a high street should start with what the community needs rather than just making money for the developers. The high street is currently lively and serves the local community- we should protect that as once lost, it would be hard, if not impossible, to recreate it.

Vicky Rockport
Penge deserves better than this proposal. We would love some regeneration but more appropriate and sympathetic designs need to be looked at by Hadley and Clarion. This does smack of more flats = more £s. It would be great to have some more affordable and social housing but why should that… Read more

Brian Carnegie
I live local and 18 stories is way too high!

Kate Carpenter
Big business shouldn’t be allowed to f**k Up the local vibe. do one. You wouldn’t do it in Your neighbourhood and you know it…. You just wouldn’t.