Hadley ran an open evening on 19/10/22. We were able to ask questions directly from the architects, project managers and planners who are responsible for the project. Here are some of the answers we received: Comments in italics:

  • The GLA has already consented to the 18-storey building under their housing scheme
  • Hadley will provide a CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) to Bromley council to administer the infrastructure to support the new residents joining the area. Bromley do not have to consult on where or how this money is spent, I understand. That means that NONE of it will be spent in Penge. (Probably!)
  • Wilco apparently do not wish to have a retail unit in Penge any longer True – this store is not hugely profitable, unfortunately.
  • SE20 Cycles will keep their current shop and take over responsibility for the transport hub. What happens if they decide not to do so? No guarantees?
  • Hadley had not considered trades vehicles as being necessary for residents, they have only allowed for vehicles to facilitate deliveries to the retail outlets. They said they will raise this internally. (And then totally ignore it?)
  • None of the 11 town houses, or more accurately maisonettes, have gardens. They are called private amenities which looks like an unsecured outdoor area looking onto the pocket park
  • Residents will have access to two green podium (or large balcony) areas which are not open to the public
  • Iceland will take one of the larger retail spaces (possibly, but might be forced out by increasing rent later?)
  • The online feedback form pushed tonight is very limiting, you can only tick one box. I’d suggest emailing concerns or feedback.
  • 2+ years of phased building works
  • They were unable to say who would be responsible for making sure that bin stores and cycle stores don’t become fly tipping areas
  • They were ready to trumpet there is an undersubscription primary school places and the fact there is a new secondary school being built but as soon as it came to worries about general infrastructure they referred back to the CIL.