Visual Impact

For those of you who are having difficulty visualising an 18 storey building, here are some pics which might help: Penge could soon look like this: (Note – based on estimates – actual heights may vary. The images are as accurate as we can make them, with the information we have at the moment.)

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Using computer generated imaging software: View from Empire Square. Click on the image to view full size.

Imaginary view from approximately across the High Street from the Pawleyne Arms. Compare the heights of the current shops and the pub with the height of the proposed development. Click to view full size.

Built using Lego – gives an indication of the breathtaking scale of Hadley’s proposal: Click to view full size.

This image gives an idea of the scale of the 18 storey tower. Assuming each storey is of equal height, and assuming MacDonalds is 3 stories, this is the height of the 18 storey tower block, which will be directly behind it.

Yeoman House (Travelodge) – view from the street. The proposed towers will be twice as high as this.

One day Penge could look like this, in the not too distant future: Not a blade of grass in sight.

The pictures below are of similar projects, taken from the internet.